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It will be that all life is a road
with many bends
and that the dogs are running around
with steaming vents
and if you feel bored
or sadness or pain
I do not know or love

Is it that one day comes the winter
and you bend your knees
and you you look out from behind those glasses
who are your eyes
and do not see anything
and no longer sees you
and nothing touches you

I will be with my needle
we attack at night at night
and the life I've seen and I've taken
I have dates and barrel
that I did not even do more harm
and I did not even burn more

Inside my heart to the wall and metal
inside my safe
in my collection of love
with short legs
and each one gets a number
a cross over each
and that's okay
and that's okay

Call Me Mimi
call me Mimi

To my eyes blacks
and hair
blacks, and my thoughts
Mimi is walking on the bridge
hand to his daughter
and looking down

For the life I had
and the life that I gave
for my glasses blacks
to explain to his daughter
that tomorrow is better
you will see change

As this water passes from the river
that looks like it stops
but if you want to go,
Mimi as walking
hand to his daughter
who knows where it goes

It will be that all life
is a road
back and see
like tears in the eyes return
and make you more harm
and nobody wants you
and no one sees you
for who you are

Will the dogs
tonight at the door
I hear them barking
will that is written on your heart
"No go"
your love is a secret
Your heart is a prohibition
"Staff to complete"
and that's okay

Call Me Mimi
call me Mimi









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